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Ronald Reagan (Temple Hillel Speech, 1984)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jihad: UK Bans Americans Who Fight Against Islamic Fascism

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been banned from the United Kingdom. Shocking news coming from a great ally that was formerly our enemy in the 18th century. A people who fought against Nazi tyranny and invasion with admirable fortitude and strength, is succumbing to forces of Islam whose agenda is world domination and a world theocratic government whose power is sustained by a religious doctrine and keeping the people ignorant and fearful.
The crusade against the powers of the UK doing this is HERE in the form of a petition.
Jihad Watch also has an article about this affair.

Melanie Phillips wrote, June 27th:
By banning from the country as extremists the American anti-jihadis Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller, the Home Secretary Teresa May has not only made herself look ridiculous but has sent the enemies of the United Kingdom the message that they have it on the run.
However, as Front Page points out that she also writes about the alleged EDL racism tag, where Melanie Phillips wrote:
I do not support the approach taken by either Geller or Spencer to the problem of Islamic extremism. Both have endorsed groups such as the EDL and others which at best do not deal with the thuggish elements in their ranks and at worse are truly racist or xenophobic.
Atlas Shrugs also writes about this Freudian slip by Melanie – HERE.
In fact, the EDL has nothing racist or xenophobic about its platform, and removes such individuals from its ranks when they’re found. It is only “thuggish” in that its members fight back when attacked by Islamic supremacists. Melanie Phillips thinks that the EDL is racist and xenophobic because she has seen a thousand media reports insisting that it is. As someone who has been lied about in the same mainstream media, she ought to be a bit more skeptical of what they report. The people who claim that the EDL are racist and xenophobic are primarily the foes of the counter-jihad movement in general. I’ve seen how they lie about me; why should I believe them about the EDL? Melanie Phillips has seen how they lie about her; why should she believe them about the EDL?
The bottom line is that in the fight against Islamic fundamental global conquest, intolerance cannot be overcome by tolerance. In the United States, the First Amendment to the US Constitution is freedom of religion. But the line is drawn in being tolerant when an intolerant religion has a doctrine of conquest, tyranny, hate, and violence against ALL other religions – intolerance. Therefore, by the Islamic organizations, whose object is subversion, cannot be tolerated because they are intolerant and promote violence.
Yet, in the United States and some other places, Christians are persecuted for what they are and believe – but Islam is treated with “kid gloves” - like Melanie Phillips has conveyed. Christians may denounce Islam, but not just because it is against their doctrine, and certainly do not wage jihad [war] against other religions; well at least not since the Crusades. And even in the Crusades, the conquest goals of Islamic armies moved the Western Church to come to the aid of the Eastern Church, well at least in the First Crusade. Crusades that followed were less than noble because of the power corruption of the Church and warlords fighting in the name of God for conquest, not freedom from tyranny.
Christians do not burn down mosques, although they certainly have the right to protest that the American Islamic organization wants a mosque near the spot where they conducted jihad against the United States in New York. It is not just insensitive of the Islamic clerics, but clearly points toward their subversive agenda and activities.
Christian cults have formed that are violent and radical, but it is not what the main Christian element is all about.
Christians do not behead, hang, and/or torture non-believers.
Christians are forbidden to have after-hour meetings/clubs in public schools; yet Muslims are given carté blanche.
Christians are attacked for believing in Creationism; Muslims are pampered when they go on a rampage of hate and violence.
The Christian founder [Jesus of Nazareth, “The Christ”] has words to followers like:
The Muslim [Islamic] founder [Mohammad] words:
There are more passages cited HERE.
Not that there are not passages of violence in the Old Testament, which is part of the Christian Bible taken from The Torah and history of the Jews. Most of the events in the Old Testament are battles fought in defense in establishing their homeland as was instructed to Abraham and keeping their nation of Israel. In that respect, times have not changed.
The First Amendment protects religion from the state and declares freedom to pursue and believe in a specific religion; however, it does not state that any religion is exempt from being prosecuted for doctrine of hate and violence, or be tolerant to an intolerant religion. Otherwise, a religion or cult, like the ancient Maya/Aztec practice would allow human sacrifice.
The United Kingdom's history of fortitude, strength and honor of its people is being transformed into a nation of fearful people who succumb to the subversion of Islam rather than stand against it – and it is no different than what Americans have become.
The United States has, in the past, been an icon of true freedom and liberty, not as a democracy, but as a constitutional republic that favors rule of law, not rule of men. There are those, and always will be, people who wish to subvert, circumvent, and ignore the articles and amendments of the Constitution – but it is with great peril that they do so. We are seeing now the outcome of not heeding the founders' words of caution, like Joseph Story, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and many others during the course of establishing and maintaining our nation as a great country who believed individualism surpasses collectivism in all respects of human rights and dignity. True, our nation took too long to rid the hypocrisy of slavery; but when they did, they replaced it with another form of slavery whose chains are invisible except for those who believe and insist upon individual freedom protected by the unification of individuals that represent a nation whose government is to be a servant of the People and not the other way around.
History clearly reveals that theocracy is tyranny – and it has kept common sense and individual freedom at bay in order to gain and maintain their power and control over the populace.
Why in the devil would anyone on this blue planet want to revert to medieval period in history that Islamic jihadism and fascism so strongly supports?
This is the 21st century after the Common Era or After Death of Christ. We need to keep tyrants at bay and spend more time, effort, and funds upon improving the lot of humanity, not reverting to a dark age of history. We should be looking to the stars and exploring, and doing so as unified humanity, representatives of this planet we call home. If there be wars, let it be exception to the rule, rather than status quo.
Tyrants, like school-yard bullies are not stopped by reasoning. They are stopped by only that which they know – a punch in the nose and told to behave unless they want more.
Be tolerant to people of different cultures and religions, but do not feel obligated to be tolerant to intolerance.
It is as simple as that. 
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